This basic question is a constant concern for any management when allocating scarce resources to performance improvement actions. To find the actions that really create value, you first need to estimate to what extent a specific action is likely to impact on stakeholder behavior:

You then need to compare the cost of the action against the likely changes in net revenue.

Such evaluations are both extra important and extra difficult to make when the world now is changing dramatically because of covid-19.

ValueMetrix has developed methods and tools that reliably can estimate the Value of Actions. To this end we combine survey scores with hard facts using well-established, quantitative cause-and-effect analyses.

Our software allows us to quickly do the cause-and-effect analyses including multiple quality measures. When the analyses are satisfactory, we can within minutes begin to share comprehensive overviews, detailed reports, and selected quality measures with clients.

This site gives you an introduction to our approach, software, services, and selected findings. Contact us directly for in-depth information about ValueMetrix in personal discussions and additional presentations.