With our generic approach and efficient software, ValueMetrix can offer clients and partner firms opportunities for unique value-based services for basically any kind of organization and any category of stakeholders. ValueMetrix has the experience from many types of organizations, many countries, different languages, different Overall Evaluations, and different types of Desired Behavior.

Although the ValueMetrix Approach focuses on actions to improve financial performance, it may be very valuable for some organizations to anyway use the approach without the explicit financial linkages in order to better understand what drives the behavior of the organization's stakeholders.

With our experience and the flexibility and the functionality of the software as discussed above, we can deliver not only the software needed for the cause-and-effect analyses but also services that support the development and implementation of the ValueMetrix Approach:

Support co-operation between Marketing and Finance

The Marketing and the Finance functions are often having difficulties understanding each other. As the ValueMetrix Approach combines these two worlds in a joint analysis, it enables open, fact-based discussions between them in order to arrive at profitable conclusions advantageous for both parties

Scorecards that Really Balance

Balanced Scorecards have lost popularity among managements, probably simply because the scorecards haven't really been balanced from the beginning. With the help of the ValueMetrix Approach, new scorecards can really be balanced and fill the role they originally were expected to fill

Help Drawing Conclusions

With the broad experience of ValueMetrix, we can help clients overcome the gaps in the understanding of what is needed on operational level to make the actions profitable and achieve the performance targets set by corporate management and needed to match the expectations of the owners

The alternatives and possibilities are many. Contact us for a tailored solution to your specific problems and concerns.